• BoostMyRevenue

    Will change the way you do marketing for your apps!!
    Boost your revenue, by sharing a percentage of it among your users!!

  • Consider a scenario where your users can earn only by using your apps.
    How rapidly you think your userbase and active users will increase?
    Commonsense, Right?

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Why will you sign up for BoostMyRevenue Program?

We know, every applications are developed to solve some specific problems. But our intention is not making "earning money" is the primary reason to use your apps. We'd rather making you able to stay one step ahead of your competetors.

Why will you sign up for BoostMyRevenue Program?
- BoostMyRevenue is a totally new kind of app marketing strategy platform, where you as well as your users can get benefited.

Okay, how can my users get earnings by using my apps?
- Very siple answer! Because you will distribute a percentage of your revenue among your users every month. So your users will get paid, As a result you'll get more engagements and active users , and your revenue will get Boosted!

You can ask, okay, but why in the earth will I share my earnings among my users?
- If your users get paid by using your application, they will use it more. And more people will download and use your apps. As a reason your revenue will grow proportionally And you will be able to share more!

I am confused! Please help me.
- It's very easy to get confused in this scenario. Many people can think that they'll have to share a specific amount of their revenue every month, in that case, what will happen if their revenue isn't enought? It's totally up to you. You can even skip sharing revenue for months. And even if you share, you'll decide what percentage you want to share but it should be more than 10%.

That means, no matter how your revenue is, you are just sharing a fruction of it to your users. There's nothing to risk. But we'll suggest that you'll share amoung your users. Because if your users earn, you'll earn more. You're completely in charge here.

It's totally depend on you satisfying your users and make profit our of that. We'll just charge a small percentage from your shared amount as a service charge. The rest will be distributes to your users account.

How'll I handle my payments in that case?
You'll just pay us the service charge to us. Payments to your users will be made by you, subject to their withdraw request. Suppose X is a user. And his/her earning is Y in this month. Now if this Y amount is greater than the threshold amount, he/she will be able to send a payment request to you with payment methods and account number, if he/she hasn't already sent a request this month. You can see those payment requests on your Dashboard and resolve them.

Will it conflict with the advertisement networks policies?
It's a tricky question. The simple answer is NO. You are not encouraging to click any ads by using our service. You are just recording their interactions, just like you log them on Firebase Analytics. These events will be analysed to our server and and will be calculated users earnings depending on your next month's sharing amount. So it's very unlikely to conflict with any advertising networks policies. But if you encourage your users to click ads (like, you'll get 5 points by clicking this ad) by using our service, you'll be responsible for the consequences afterwards. You can read our Terms & Services and Privacy Policy about this issue.

We are not profit organizations. Can we use this service for promotions?
Sure. Why not?

Awesome! How can I implement it on my app?
SDK Integration

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